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Welcome to Future Power

We herewith introduce Future Power as a specialized Trading company, for the after sales services and Spare parts of Rotating Machinery and prime movers, Power Stations, petrochemical and refinery and relates. The company Based in Dubai to cover the Middle East market , CIS and African. The prime objective of the company is to provide services to final users of rotating machinery and Gas/Steam turbine (including spare parts) by sourcing the needed items from its original vendors to the main equipment manufacturer (O.E.M.), hence saving high markups and overhead charges of the O.E.M. To guarantee the quality and logistics of supply, Future Power have established a very high standard Q.C. system working in conjunction with the main vendors in all over the world such as USA and Europe, India which is proven better than the O.E.M. Future Power can provide parts from many other famous manufacturers related to power plants and petrochemical and Oil refinery in USA, Europe and other part of world.


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Future Power General Trading is North American based company, formed in 2001 to provide all trade services to overseas suppliers and manufacturers. Our expertise in promotion, presentation and marketing of overseas supplies include procurement and supply to the projects in the GCC countries.

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